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MRA Shield Triumph S955 Sprint ST 99-04 μαύρη (δεν βλέπεις από μέσα)

MRA Shield Triumph S955 Sprint ST 99-04 μαύρη (δεν βλέπεις από μέσα)
1-30 ημέρες
MRA Shield Triumph S955 Sprint ST 99-04 μαύρη (δεν βλέπεις από μέσα)
MRA windshield in original form with ABE
Fits 955 Sprint ST 99-04

MRA is the windshield specialist for motorcycles of all kinds and the trendsetter on the market. With the appearance of the innovative products, MRA triggered new trends.
1988 the sporty windscreen with tear-off edges was developed, which reduced air resistance in a crouched sitting position. For example, the top speed of a KAWASAKI ZZR 1100 measured by Motorrad magazine was 5 km/h higher. In 1992 the development continued and made it possible to produce discs with a tear-off edge in such a way that no distortions occur. In 1994 MRA was the first manufacturer to introduce racing discs (double bubble). In the following years, renowned drivers won GP races and world championships on GP machines with MRA racing discs.

MRA is proud of the fact that many manufacturers and racing teams around the world rely on MRA products because in racing only the very best technology is used.

But MRA engineers also show their skills and creativity for touring drivers. The latest example is the X-CREEN series. No spoiler disc could be adjusted to be more varied and individual. The small spoiler can be adjusted in height, angle and distance to the pane and makes the pane a multi-talent.

>MRA Innovations and quality made in Germany.

>scope of supply: 1 piece

accessories: 345-9000-00 X-CREEN-SPORT attachment, clear, version XCSA 345-9000-01 X-CREEN-SPORT attachment version XCSA

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