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Ψυγείο νερού JMP για Honda CB 125 R Neo Sports Cafe

Ψυγείο νερού JMP για Honda CB 125 R Neo Sports Cafe
8-15 ημέρες
Ψυγείο νερού JMP για Honda CB 125 R Neo Sports Cafe

Water cooler JMP


>>> Optimum cooling performance and durability <<<


Advantages JMP:

- Better cooling performance due to special fin technology

- Ideal for engines with high, thermal loads

- Hand welded, polished and pressure tested

- Can be directly exchanged against the OE cooler



When the engine is running, friction and heat are automatically generated. Therefore, the engine must be cooled in the best possible way to avoid overheating.

Water coolers consist of tubes and fins in between. The cooling liquid flows through these tubes. A continuous flow of air cools the liquid and thus prevents the engine from overheating.


Water cooler variants:

- Mechanically plugged cooler

- Brazed radiator


Mechanically plugged cooler:

- Cost- and energy-saving production

- Round tubes completely inserted through the fins

- Smaller air gap between tubes and fins

- Lower heat transfer / cooling capacity


Brazed fin cooler:

- Tubes and fins are brazed in the furnace

- Creation of a metallic joint

- Optimal heat transfer

- Flattened tubes

- Larger cooling surface

- Up to 60% more cooling capacity



Ψυγείο νερού JMP για Honda CB 125 R Neo Sports Cafe

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